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AirFiber Broadband is a Wireless Internet Service Provider and Implementer. We provide businesses, organisations and homes with internet access using wireless technology. We also provide WiFi access to businesses and organisations as well as providing network connectivity.

What is wireless broadband internet service?

Wireless broadband is a new way to provide internet access, no wires or cables and their limitations.

Just as you can connect to the internet with your cell phone, you can now connect to the internet wirelessly from your home or business.

We attach a small antenna and radio to your building and a WIFI router inside.
The radio connects to one of our wireless access points which connects you to the internet.

In selected urban areas we will provide WIFI where many will be able to connect with no additional equipment.

What’s the Motivation?

America is dissatisfied with Internet Providers
Can We Validate the Cost of Connectivity?
West Virginia Broadband News

West Virginia Service Areas

Phase I

  • South Charleston Downtown
  • Charleston Downtown

Phase II

  • Spring Hill
  • Dunbar

Phase III

  • West Charleston
  • Charleston East End
  • Kanawha City